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Hi I’m Bryce

I am the proud owner of Taylor Projects & Solutions (TPS), serving the Whangamatā community since 2019.

Embarking on a new build or renovation is a journey filled with both excitement and optimism. However, it can also come with its challenges. I understand the complexities and potential stress this journey brings, which is why I’ve created a framework to ensure it’s an enjoyable and smooth process for all our clients.

It’s this framework and our commitment to our values of integrity, communication, and quality, that have become the core foundations of our vision. We proudly refer to it as the ‘TPS Way’. This is what has enabled us to build strong relationships and trust amongst our clients and produce outstanding results.

If you’re thinking of creating a new build or renovation, let’s have a chat. I’ll guide you through the process, help you address any concerns, and instil confidence in taking that next step in undertaking your dream home project.






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