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New Builds
213 Weka Street
Here we were approached to add on a garage with high studs to allow a boat inside and a master bedroom/living area above to the existing building. This was a bit different due to the buildings top story extending past the bottom creating a carport underneath. This involved a lot of structural steel work and […]
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116 Onemana Drive
We were contracted by this client to help them land a transportable home approximately 30m uphill from the road by crane on the Onemana Hill. We removed the existing units and caravan from site and scraped it back ready for engineered retaining walls, foundations and deck. These were the largest poles we had seen before […]
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Beststart Waihi
Beststart Waihi had an emergency with their leaky roof damaging the ceiling causing progressive damage. We were able to get in, remove the damaged ceiling, replace the damaged sheets all without disrupting the childcare centre.
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Russell Bruce Place
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103 Waverley Place
We were approached by a client wanting to renovate their home and make some changes inside. We removed a load-bearing wall and installed a beam in the kitchen to create a more open space between kitchen and dining. We renovated two of the existing bathrooms, built a new wall to create another bedroom, removed existing […]
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